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An Every Name Extract from Original Interment Records of

 Littleton, Colorado

 1869 into the 1980s

About the Project

     Burials and interments have been extracted from the Littleton, Colorado, Cemetery interment ledger books. This information was published by Columbine Genealogical & Historical Society in two volumes consisting of 8,202 individual records. These volumes contain considerable information that has not become generally available from publications produced from tombstone inscriptions or readings. Although the first burial was recorded in 1869, there was one re-interment recorded from a 1864 death.

     One notable burial in the cemetery is that of Alfred (or Alferd) Packer, the man accused and convicted of cannibalism. In the 1980s the original ledger books were discontinued and the cemetery implemented newer methods of recording and maintaining burial records. In this media format, the records of the two volumes are combined into a single alphabetical listing of names; another single listing of burials by block, lot and grave; and a combined index of the names of relatives and plot owners. Hardbound books are no longer available for sale, but can be found in many major libraries.

Jean Wilson,

Projects Chairman

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