Columbine’s Book Offerings

Columbine offers a selection of books through the Ways & Means Bookstore. These publications result from Columbine projects and other publications produced by Columbine members.

Columbine Ways & Means Bookstore

The Ways & Means Bookstore acquires selected genealogy research books that are sold at discounted prices. The Bookstore is open for business during Tuesday afternoon meetings as well as special seminars. This member operated store has served Columbine members for over thirty years.

Available Columbine Publications

When Columbine produces books or publications, they are available for purchase at the Ways & Means Bookstore until all copies are sold. Currently the following items are available:

  • Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary 1973~2008: Our History, Activities, Achievements, Awards and 35yr membership roll. Gary W. Routh & CJ Backus, co-editors. Booklet, 96p. Copies available at bookstore and mail order.
  • CGHS Member Surnames CD: This is a compilation of all of the names submitted in pedigree form from an ongoing project that dates back into the 1970s. CD-ROM available. Request updated version.
  • Littleton Cemetery Interment Records CD: This publication was the result of a project to extract all of the names that were listed in the original interment records kept by the Littleton Cemetery Association. Burials from 1869 into the 1980s. CD-ROM available.
  • Arapahoe County Colorado Marriages CD: This publication was the result of a project to publish the Arapahoe marriages that were recorded in Arapahoe County from Jan 1940 to Jun 1965. CD-ROM available.

Columbine Member Publications

Columbine members often produced publications that deserve note and are generally available through the bookstore or from the individuals themselves. Those currently available:

  • We Just Did; The World War II Letters & Diary of John & Katherine Backus: Written & published by CJ Backus. A glimpse into the life of a soldier (8th Air Force, 100th Bomb Group), his wife, their family and friends and what their daily lives were like during those tumultuous times of 1943-45. 2007. Paperback.
  • Unsinkable: The Molly Brown Story: By Joyce B. Lohse. Silver CIPA EVVY Award. 2007. Paperback.
  • Emily Griffith – Opportunity’s Teacher: By Joyce B. Lohse. Emily Griffith always wanted to be a schoolteacher. She overcame obstacles to start a school in Denver, “for all who wish to learn,” which continues to operate in modern times as her legacy. Filter Press, 2005. Paperback.
  • Justina Ford – Medical Pioneer: By Joyce B. Lohse. A biography about the first African American female doctor to practice medicine in Colorado. A pioneer and humanitarian, she delivered over 7,000 babies between 1902 and 1952. Filter Press, 2004. CIPA Finalist and WILLA Finalist in 2005. Paperback.
  • First Governor, First Lady – John and Eliza Routt of Colorado: By Joyce B. Lohse. Read the story of Colorado’s early statehood, through the lives of the first Governor, John Routt, and his wife Eliza. While the governor served three terms and struck it rich in his silver mine, his wife worked for women’s suffrage and was the first woman to vote in Colorado. Together they helped build Colorado into a state. Filter Press, 2005. CIPA Award for Best Biography in 2003. Paperback.
  • Place Names of Colorado, A Genealogical & Historical Guide to Colorado Sites: By Donald R. Elliott, Colorado Research Publications, 1999. Hardbound & CD-ROM. About 8,000 places in Colorado are listed, the largest single listing of any published document.
  • Cemeteries of Colorado, A Guide to Locating Colorado Burial Sites and Publications About Their Residents: By Donald R. Elliott, 2006. Hardbound & CD-ROM. Over 3,100 burial sites are listed, including aka names, from over 2,000 unique burial sites throughout the state of Colorado. References of publications searched are listed.
  • Colorado Cemetery Index, Individuals Interred in Small Colorado Burial Sites: By Donald R. Elliott, 2006, 2007 (3 volumes, 84,000 names). Hardbound & CD-ROM. A total of more than 84,400 names from 1105 different burial sites were recorded from searches that took place in 283 cataloged publications. References are cited.