Bibliography: Colorado Territory Civil War Volunteer Records

Selected Bibliography

The preceding history was not written with all the details of a blow-by blow account of the battles and skirmishes nor a day-to-day account of the marches of the Colorado Volunteers.  The writers of Civil War and Colorado history have covered these details in many articles, magazines, newspapers and books.  R. B. Wallace (page 372 of Extracted Records) who later lived inMarshalltown, Ohio, wrote of his experiences in the First Colorados in the “Colorado Magazine” September 1924.  Major Hal Sayr, of the Third Regiment-100 Day Service, kept a diary of the Sand Creek Campaign.  Mrs. Ellen Williams, whose husband was in Co. A of the Second Colorados, wrote of his experiences.  Alonzo Ickis, who was in Dodd’s Independent Company, kept a diary of the march to Valverde.  (See Supplemental Bibliography, Appendix J.)

This story was written from a historical perspective of the volunteers and how the political climate as well as the events of this era and in this area affected their lives as troopers.  The sources chosen to research for this story are here as a Selected Bibliography.  Additional research and reading materials are given in the Supplementary Bibliography found in Appendix J. Many of the books in both bibliographies are in the Western History Department of the Denver Public Library.***LWB

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