Enlistment Locations: Colorado Territory Civil War Volunteers

Enlistment Locations (from ledgers) for Colorado Territory Civil War Volunteers 

Baltimore MD
Beaver Creek (Nutria, Castle Rock Creek)Fremont County. Post Office 1862.
Black Hawk(Blackhawk, Black Hawk Point)Gilpin County. Gold discovered in 1859. 1 mile E of Central City.
Bradford (Bradford City, Twelve Mile House)Jefferson County. 12 miles SW of Denver, 4 mi from Morrison.
Breckenridge ( Breckinridge, Fort Meribeth)Summit County. Established 1859. 81 mile W of Denver, 10 mile S of Frisco.
BrownsvilleChaffee County. Established by 1865.
Buckskin Joe (Buckskin, Laurette, Lauret)Park County. 2 mi W of Alma. Renamed Laurette or Lauret.
BurlingtonBoulder County. Post Office 1862-1873. 11 mi N of Boulder.
Cache Creek (Cash Creek)Lake County. Gold discovered 1860. 3 mile W of Granite.
California Gulch (Leadville)Lake County. Established by 1859.
Camp CobbUnknown. May be at Fredericksburg VA.
Camp CollinsLarimer County. Established 1863. Destroyed by flood in 1864.
Camp Colorado TXColeman Co TX. On Jim Ned Creek. Move here in 1856.
Camp Curtis UNKPossibly the Camp Curtis that is near Waynesville, MO.
Camp Evans UNKUnknown location but likely a camp by this name existed in Colorado.
Camp Fillmore (Fort Fillmore)Pueblo County. Established 1861. Near Boone, 2 mi above Booneville onArkansas River.
Camp Rollins UNKUnknown location.
Camp SanbornElbert Co? On or near Bijou Creek.
Camp Weld (Fort Weld)Arapahoe County. Established 1861. Abandoned 1865
Canon CityFremont County. Established 1859
Central City (Mountain City)Gilpin County. Established 1859. In Gregory Gulch.
Clear CreekEither Chaffee County or Hinsdale County. On stage line Lake City to Antelope Springs.
Colorado City FortEl Paso County. 1864 to 1868 was maintained. In the vicinity ofColorado Springs.
Council Grove KSProbably location is in Kansas.
Delaware City (Delaware Flats)Summit County. Established by 1859.
Delaware Flats (Delaware City)Summit County. Established by 1859.
Denver (Denver City, Auraria, Mountain City)Arapahoe County. Established 1858. Formerly Auraria.
Elk CreekJefferson County. On C&S. Post Office 1864-1865. W of Golden.
Empire City (Empire)Clear Creek County. Post Office 1861-1886. Changed to Empire. 9 mile W of Idaho Springs.
Fairplay (Fair Play)Park County. 81 miles SW of Denver
Fontaine CityPueblo County. Built about 1856. On E bank of Fountain Creek at junction with Arkansas River.
Fort Fillmore (Camp Fillmore)Pueblo County. Established 1861. Near Boone. On Arkansas River.
Fort Garland (Garland, Old Fort Garland)Costilla County. Established 1858. Fort abandoned 1883.
Fort Kearney NEKearney, NE
Fort Larned KSLarned, KS
Fort Lyon (Fort Wise)Huerfano County. Established 1860. Formerly Fort Wise.
Fort Smith ARFort Smith, AR
Fort UnionLas Animas County. Established by 1882. On New Mexico Border.
Fort Wise (Fort Lyon)Bent County. Established 1860. Renamed Fort Lyon in 1862, then OldFort Lyon
French Gulch (Clifton)Lake County. On DSP&P. Another name for Clifton. A camp at Shields Stamp Mill.
Galena GulchSummit County. A rich mining community.
Georgia Gulch (Parkville, Park City)Summit County. Established in 1860s. By 1880s city was buried by mine tailings.
Gold Hill (Goldhill)Boulder County. Established by 1859. Post Office 1863-1866 & 1879-1894. Became Goldhill. 11 miles W of Boulder.
Gold RunBoulder Co. Camp at Gold Hill.
Gold RunChaffee Co. Camp near Cache Creek.
Gold RunLa Plata Co. Camp SW of Parrott City, W of Mayday.
Gold RunSan Juan Co. Early name for Beartown, Bear Creek, Cub Town, Silver Tip & Sylvanite.
Gold RunSan Miguel Co. E of Placerville.
Gold RunSummit Co. In a gulch up from Swan River & Buffalo Flats.
Golden City (Golden)Jefferson Co. Established 1859. 21 mi S of Boulder.
Guadaloupe (Conejos, Guadalupe)Conejos Co. Established 1855
Hamilton (Tarryall, Tarryall Diggings)Park Co. Est. by 1859. Post Office 1860-1881. Across creek from Tarryall.
Hickmans Mills MOWashington Township. 8 mi from Lee’s Summit.
HuntsvilleDouglas Co. Site 1. Post Office 1860-1861. Site 2. Est. by 1860. Post Office 1862-1871. PO went to Larkspur.
Idaho (Idahoe, Idaho Springs)Clear Creek Co. Post Office 1862-1876. Changed to Idaho Springs.
Julesburg (California Crossing, Denver Junction, Weir, Jules, Old JulesburgSedgwick/Weld Co. Site 1. Established 1850. Post Office 1860-1862. Five other sites.
Junction (many sites)El Paso Co. Established by 1859. On Boiling Spring Creek. N of Autobee.
Junction (many sites)Jefferson Co. Post Office 1861-1863. 10 mi SW of Morrison.
Junction (many sites)Morgan Co. Post Office in 1863. First name for Fort Morgan.
Kansas City MO
La Porte (La Port, Laporte)Larimer Co. Post Office 1862-1864 & 1866-1894. Was Auroria, then Colona, then Laporte.
Laurette (Lauret, Buckskin, Buckskin Joe)Park Co. Est. 1859. Post Office 1861-1865. Changed to Buckskin. NW of Fairplay.
Leavenworth [KS]
Lincoln City (Lincoln, Farncomb Hill, Paige City)Summit Co. Post Office 1861 as Paige City-1894. 4 mi NE of Breckenridge.
Mammoth City (Mamoth, Tolland)Gilpin Co. Stage station between Rollinsville & East Portal.
Marshall (Rockland, Langford, Gorham)Boulder Co. SE of Boulder. Formerly Rockland.
Marshall (Rockland, Langford, Gorham)Possibly Marshall KS.
Marysville KSMarshall Co. KS
Mears RanchProbably Chaffee County.
Mill City (Dumont)Clear Creek Co. Post Ofice 1861-1863 & 1866-1879. Changed toDumont. 5 mi NW of Idaho Springs.
Mineral PointLa Plata/San Juan Co. 8 mi SE of Ouray. A 11,474 ft. Post Office forMineral City.
Montgomery (Montgomery City)Park Co. At headwaters of the South Platte.
Mountain City (Central City)Gilpin Co. Post Offfice 1860-1869. Changed to Central City. 0.5 mi E of Central City.
Nevada City (Nevada, Nevadaville, Nevada Gulch, Bald Mountain)Gilpin Co. Post Office 1861-1869. Changed to Bald Mountain. Near Glory Hole. Once larger than Denver.
Oro City (Oro, Boughtown, Sacramento City)Lake Co. Established by 1860. Originally called Boughtown. InCalifornia Gulch.
Parkville (Park City, Georgia Gulch)Summit Co. Post Office 1861-1866. 10 mi E of Breckenridge. By 1880s buried by mine tailings.
Pilot Knob MOIron Co. MO. S of Saint Louis MO
Plum Creek UNKUnknown state or location.
Pueblo (Fort Pueblo, Independence)Pueblo Co. Established by 1858. 5 mi W of Bent’s Fort.
Rock Castle UNKUnknown state or location, but possibly Castle Rock, CO.
Saint Joseph MO
Saint Louis MO
Saint VrainWeld Co. Near Fort Saint Vrain. Post Office 1859-1875.
Silver LakeSummit Co. Post Office 1862-1864.
Spanish BarChaffee Co. Est. by 1863. At fork of Chalk Creek & Arkansas River.
Spanish BarClear Creek Co. Post office 1860-1885. 2 mi W of Idaho Springs.
Sterling (Camp Sterling)Park Co. Post Office 1862-1865.
Sulphur Springs MOJefferson Co.
Taos NM
Trading Post KSLinn Co. NE of Mound City.
Trail Creek (Freeland)Clear Creek Co. 5 mi W of Idaho Springs.
Union Point UNKUnknown state or location. However, all recruiting took place inColorado Territory during this time period.
Van Buren ARCrawford Co. NE of Fort Smith.
West Point UNKUnknown state or location. Perhaps was West Port.
West Port UNKMay have been the “Original Kansas City”. However, all recruiting took place in Colorado Territory during this time period.