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Preface I

Columbine Genealogical and Historical Society is composed of members who are searching for their ancestors in this country and abroad. Indeed, the vast majority of our members do not have ancestors from Colorado but feel that if everyone made records available from the areas where they live the same result would be achieved without doing all the research individually.

In this spirit we offer this list of persons buried at the Littleton Cemetery, 6155 South Prince Street, Littleton, CO 80120. The records were taken from interment books which the cemetery has in their possession. At the time of this writing the books were in good condition. This particular volume starts with one burial in 1869 and goes part way into 1953. A second volume is planned for burials from 1953 into the 1980s.

The persons who filled out the original book did not always fill out all the columns and not all headings were transcribed. Here are the headings we eliminated and why:

Social Standing: this refers to race and may be considered prejudicial

Date of Interment: this usually follows the death by a few days

Cause of Death: we were advised that this is personal information and should not be circulated

Number of Graves Owned (Block, Lot, Grave #): this information can be obtained from the list of plot owners in the 2nd half of this book

Amount Paid on Ground: for cemetery use at the time but no value to genealogy today

Grave Fees: for cemetery use at the time but no value to genealogy today

Number of Deed: this information may be obtained from the cemetery

These interment records were filled out by hand by several different employees of the cemetery. Due to the vagaries of handwriting not all information was decipherable. We did attempt to transcribe exactly as written but there may be errors. For instance, one record showed the surname of the deceased, their nearest relative, and plot owner all spelled differently, although they are obviously the same family.

Following are a number of plot maps of the cemetery so that you may locate your relative's grave. Please note that each plot has room for eight graves. Some sections are identified by numbers, some by names and some just a single letter. Those with names were abbreviated as follows: 'C' stands for Cascade, 'RA' stands for Rose Arbor', and 'SP' stands for Soldiers Plot. A small 'a' after a number signifies that that section was added on. The cemetery superintendent explained that there is no significance to the names (except Soldiers Plot) and there is no system for dates when buried as the same time periods are scattered throughout the cemetery.

In addition, if you have an ancestor with an apostrophe in their surname such as O'Connor or O'Toole look under the letter after the apostrophe as well (ie. 'C' or 'T'). Some of the entries in the original books are filed this way but seem to have a lot of 'Os' as middle initials.

The original books are available at the Littleton Cemetery office. There is not always someone in the office to assist you so please call in advance.

There are a number of towns listed that may no longer be found on a map or the name may have been changed. Two recent publications are recommended for doing further research: Place Names of Colorado, compiled and edited by Donald R. and Doris L. Elliott (Denver, Colorado, Council of Genealogical Societies, 1999) and Blecha’s Colorado Place Names, by Arvid D. Blecha, prepared for publishing by Donald R. Elliott and edited by Doris L. Elliott, (Denver, Colorado, Colorado Genealogical Society, Inc., 2001).

We do hope that these records will assist you in finding your Colorado ancestors.

G. Diane Adams

Co-Leader, Cemetery Project